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There is no frigate like a book . . .


Welcome to My Marginalia, a blog about reading, writing, and attempting to transmit a love of both to the high school set. In these pages, there will be discussions of what I’m currently up to as a reader of books, and writer of fiction, and a teacher of English. I haven’t actively kept a blog since livejournal was cutting-edge technology, so bear with me as I slowly get this off the ground.


UPDATE: 2017

Well. It seems like my little experiment in blogging could possibly have benefitted from a tad more . . . consistency. It turned out I was suited neither to teaching, nor blogging. I left teaching for the exciting world of higher education administration, and I found that I was never going to write that novel if I was thinking about blogging. Having achieved some semblance of balance in my life (oh drat, I’ve gone and cursed it now), I’m once again going to try my hand at this, perhaps post a little Shakespearean-flavored fiction here, who knows? At any rate, to new beginnings!